Alain Hmelnitsky birthday to retire

Алену Хмельницкую в день рождения отправили на пенсию
The actress congratulated the date for 18 years is more realistic.

Алену Хмельницкую в день рождения отправили на пенсию

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The author of the mishap was the youngest daughter of actress, 6-year-old Xenia
Keosayan. The girl drew the mother’s greeting, which the mirror portrayed
figures 46 (as today turned Alena Khmelnytsky), so I get 64. However, the actress
reacted to the gift with its inherent sense of humor. “Hurray!!! Birthday
starts. After that congratulations have nothing to fear! 64 life only
begin, ladies and gentlemen!” — Alena laughs.

Алену Хмельницкую в день рождения отправили на пенсию

Congratulations to Alena Khmelnytsky from youngest daughter Xenia

Photo: Facebook Alena Khmelnytsky

Congratulations to Alena Khmelnytsky from eldest daughter, Alexandra

Photo: Facebook Alena Khmelnytsky

And that is only the beginning — a lot of truth. After all
in his personal life Khmelnytskyi outlines major changes. After her divorce from
Tigran Keosayan actress a long time hiding her new relationship with
businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny. And only at the end of last year, Alain
to go out with her. So, they both appeared in December
the premiere of the film of Emir Kusturica “In the milky Way.”

Congratulated the mother, of course, and eldest daughter of the stars
22-year-old Alexandra Keosayan. The girl came from America to celebrate
with family personal holiday Khmelnytskyi.

By the way, Alan communicates with his new family
my ex-husband. The ex-wife maintained friendly relations and even together with
their new elected representatives, have a rest abroad. Tigran Keosayan Margarita
Simonyan and their children also congratulated Khmelnitsky happy birthday.