VIDEO: First lesson in tennis the younger daughter Tatiana Navka

ВИДЕО: Первый урок по теннису младшей дочери Татьяны Навки
Skater’m glad the older daughter is an example for Nadya.

Tatiana Navka shared a touching video on
where her youngest daughter Hope desperately aches for her older sister to Alexander
Zhulin during her tennis.

“Sasa, ball!” — screaming baby.

The skater said that
decided to give Nadia to do this sport, because old Babes are
an excellent role model — Sasha plays tennis for ten years.

“Hope is not behind the older sister, is smiling Tatiana. —
As well, when there is such a role model! No wonder we gave 10 years to this
beautiful sport! Now mom is enjoying and proud! By the way, even
all lined up to play with Sasha”.

Later the Pastor shared the photo, which was signed: “the First
lessons of Hope in tennis. All for sport!”

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Hope the Sand

Photo: Instagram