Ксения Стриж скрывала, что потеряла ребенка In the air, “Let them talk” told him about a secret affair stars. The program Andrei Malakhov was devoted to radio host Xenia swift, whose voice is heard across the country broadcast “Europe plus” in 1990. A few days ago, the woman observed the fiftieth anniversary.

      Ксения Стриж скрывала, что потеряла ребенка

      The main heroine of the new release “Let speak” has become known for leading the 90-ies Ksenia Strizh. She first captivated listeners of “Europe Plus” as its driving voice, and in a few years surprised the audience with candid interviews with the stars who took to transfer “Susie”. Andrei Malakhov and Studio guests congratulated Xenia fiftieth anniversary and remembered her journey, and numerous novels.

      In the first part of the program, swift admitted that he decided on plastic surgery for yourself. Recall that the team of the program “10 years younger” this summer helped the presenter to correct the oval of the face and make the teeth.

      Ksenia Strizh transformed after plastic surgery face

      Ксения Стриж скрывала, что потеряла ребенка

      With a positive attitude Xenia, it’s hard to believe she’s already 50 years. Not to grow old soul helps her husband Andrew Susekov, who is 17 years younger stars. However, before you meet him, swift repeatedly burned in love.

      The creators of “Let them talk” found that in the early 90s, Xenia had an affair with actor Alexey Zelenov. This was described in detail their mutual friend Margaret Sharapova. According to the screenwriter, the trip was supposed to be born child actor. However, this was not to happen.

      “She walked through the underpass where the prospectus of Kalinin, and she started bleeding. So she lost the baby,” said Sharapova.
      Ксения Стриж скрывала, что потеряла ребенка

      She was shocked when she heard Rita. She noted that the woman was her rabid fan. According to swift, once she saw Sharapova along with Zelenov, so I know they communicate. However, the presenter confirmed that it made information about the child – not a rumor.

      “It’s true. Apparently, he told her,” admitted swift.

      Among ex-lovers Ksenia had a lot of creative people. At one time the leading met with Maxim by Guslistova of group “the Crematorium”, and for four years was the darling of Andrey Makarevich.

      The leader of the “time Machine” calls swift fiery, energetic woman. Makarevich said that it made a revolution in radio. “The country went crazy when I heard it,” – said Andrey Makarevich.

      Their love story developed rapidly. She was familiar with the artist one day. He lived in the house in Valentynivka. The singer allowed her to stay with him for a couple of hours sleep on the couch after a loud party. Then the soloist of group “time Machine” took radio to work in “Ostankino”.

      According to swift, Andrey Makarevich met her after the broadcast, and offered her to live in his house. After that, they were together for four years. However, leading tired from such relations. She was embarrassed that Andrew was constantly absent from home, as he toured with the group.

      “I was tired of living out of town. I was there alone. In the forest, three-story house. Rescued only Misha Efremov, he lived behind the fence”, – explained Xenia.
      Ксения Стриж скрывала, что потеряла ребенка

      In spite of numerous novels, star of the esters have not experienced the joy of motherhood. According to swift, it has never attracted such a role. The radio host shared that they are ready to have a child only for the man she loved.

      “I was not asked. If favorite people asked, she would have. I have no desire to give birth to himself, at any cost, something not thought about it. If a young husband want, because medicine does not stand still,” – said Ksenia.

      The air became Maxim Pokrovsky, Alisa Mon, singer Linda, and many other colleagues and friends of Xenia, who know her for several years. At the end of the air swift was a surprise. The ex-soloist of group “the tree felling” Sergei Kuprik sang a song for her, “I’ll buy you a house”.