Алесю Кафельникову заподозрили в романе с известным рэпером The model has intrigued his fans by posting a joint video with a mysterious young man. Fans Alesya identified him Gleb Golubina, better known as Pharaoh. Apparently, the leader of the group Dead Dynasty is in a relationship with Alesya.

      Алесю Кафельникову заподозрили в романе с известным рэпером

      18-year-old Ales Kafelnikov is constantly shocking fans. Fans of the young beauty noticed that she likes modern music and culture. Ales often shares with subscribers his microblog favorite songs. Those who subscribed to the daughter of a famous tennis player, know that Kafelnikov often listens to rappers, Russian and foreign. Mannequin not stay aside and Hobbies are popular among teenagers by Pharaoh, in the world known as Gleb Holubyn.

      Ales Kafelnikov recently surprised the subscribers laid out a short looped video in Instagram in which she licks a young man, as two drops of water similar to the idol of youth. The model has further intrigued fans, adding to the movie’s signature “Love”.

      After Ales did publish to Instagram Stories, she chose to refrain from making any comments about her relationship with Gleb. So fans of the model are left wondering whether this is something more than friendship.

      Note that Ales Kafelnikov is trying to keep secret details of his personal life. About Hobbies models not much is known. For a long time the daughter of a famous tennis player was Dating the son of restaurateur Arkady Novikov Nikita. Roman young people lasted for a year and a half. Many expected that Ales and Nikita decide to legalize their relationship, but this did not happen. It is known that the mannequin is extremely painful experienced separation from Novikov.

      The life of Lesja Kafelnikov after parting with her lover, tears, alcohol, clubs

      Over time, Ales managed to forget about the affair with Nikita. A girl with a head left in work. She’s serious and intends to conquer the world’s catwalks. At the moment, Kafelnikov is the Agency Elite Models, and her career is rapidly going up the hill. A model is often withdrawn for foreign publications and travels extensively, delighting fans of the photos taken during the trips.

      The contractor Pharaoh is widely known among young people as the author of such hits as “Cold Siemens”, “5 minutes ago” and “Phosphorus”. Critics describe his work as very depressing and cold. Because of this, Gleb Golubina, who is now studying journalism at Moscow state University, often criticize the Internet users, finding his songs are too dark and sometimes far-fetched. However, Pharaoh videos collect millions of views on YouTube, and concerts of rapper thousands of people.