Татьяна Африкантова раскрыла новые детали разрыва наследницы с Чуевым Mom star telestroke spoke to the former chosen Marina. According to the woman, ex-boyfriend yelling at her heiress. Moreover, as noted by Tatiana, Andrew could deprive them of their property.

      Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” continue to discuss the breakup of one of the most beautiful pair of telestroke, Marina Afrikantova and Andrey Chueva. The girl tries not to be Frank about the reasons that caused the breakup. According to a striking blonde, she’s just tired from the behavior of Andrew. Much more detail about the relationship of the couple revealed Marina’s mother, Tatyana.

      The woman says many people around Africanoboi long insisted that she stop seeing Chuyev. However, the girl did not listen to them. A relative of the participant of the teleproject has accused the former darling daughter in tricks.

      “Marina can unleash all sorts of tomatoes. She repeatedly said: “Marina, be afraid of this man.” I all of the property rewrote the. Marina is in Moscow, only a bed”, – said Tatiana Vladimirovna followers during the live broadcast on Instagram.

      Afrikantov explained that during his stay in the Seychelles, her daughter was already thinking about how to break up with her boyfriend, as he continuously raised his voice at her.

      “Dear Chuev! Finally, our Marina figured out who you are. She once wrote on the phone as yelling Chuev. She came home and told Alexander. “Daddy, I’m tired,” she confessed. “Run, run. Just don’t do it in the Seychelles, and then there he’ll kill you and bury you,” said her father,” said the woman.

      According to Africanoboi, her husband Alexander was literally crying at this moment. Marina and her dad always had a very close relationship, and fans of the contestants of the reality show has repeatedly said that it is very similar to it. Tatiana is happy that her daughter remained on the project “Dom-2”, as there it is constantly under protection.

      Afrikantov told how he suffered from the tyranny Chueva

      Marina herself almost never relationship with Andrew. She hopes to meet a new partner. “Never about anything not regret it: sometimes troubles happen for the good, and dreams come true for the better,” said Afrikantov in the caption to one of the bright frames on the page in a social network. Fans of telestroke already discussing who will be the next boyfriend of the blonde.