The star of “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova told about the condition of terminally ill mother

Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова рассказала о состоянии смертельно больной матери The actress explained that her mother has become easier. Oksana Kazakova is fighting for the life of a loved one. A few months ago, the woman was diagnosed with liver problems. The doctors insisted on the treatment or transplantation of cells.

      Contestant on “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova is fighting for the life of the mother. A relative of the artist was diagnosed with a serious liver disease. As told to the star music competition, doctors recommended Tamara Egorovna to do the surgery. Oksana was willing to be a donor for a loved one, but would her condition has improved. Thanks to the efforts of his daughter and the money that was raised, the latest tests Kazakova for hepatitis C showed improvement.

      “Right on mom’s birthday came this is the result – God’s gift. I forgot about everything, and my mother started crying from happiness. The first dynamics, the virus goes away, the drug works! He continues to take the drug further, need to the end to finish the course! So you can double-congratulate” – shared the joyous news Oksana.

      Recall that the star of the show “the Voice” asked for the help of friends and acquaintances, as she could not fully collect the full amount for treatment of the mother. According to Oksana, Hepatitis C has been recorded in the blood of a woman many years ago, when she gave birth to a third child.

      “In 20-30 years, as you know, hepatitis develops into the next stage of liver fibrosis. In General, a year ago she needed an operation on his leg, as she had a deformity of the foot, and the hemoglobin was so low I had 2 times in a row to postpone the surgery until raise. The procedure was carried out successfully, but later began to understand why hemoglobin is so greatly reduced and treated in various clinics, to seek the cause” – said Oksana “StarHit”.

      A month ago Kazakova was able to get rare drugs that are already on the third day of treatment began to help Tamara Egorovna. According to the participants “Voices,” her mother began to feel less tired. No doubt the drugs had a beneficial impact on the status of women. Oksana admitted to “StarHit” that are willing to do anything for my parents.

      “Mom and dad a lot for me, and now it’s my turn to please them. I help them and try to cherish our warm relationship. Order via the Internet equipment, gifts, repairs, leisure, health, sport. Wildly miss them and dream to move from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Until that happens, talk on the phone every day,” admitted Kazakova