Tarasov was supported by the hard statements Buzova

Тарасов поддержал жесткие высказывания в адрес Бузовой The player joined the opinion other users of the social networking. The athlete also finds that his wife lived show. Followers Tarasova continue to discuss his upcoming divorce with Olga Buzova.

      The Network does not cease discussion of the gap by Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova. A week ago it became known that the athlete and TV presenter filed a petition in the court for divorce. Fans of “tarabuco” as he called them a couple of Internet users, excited, and leave a lot of comments under the posts of the spouses in microblogs. Examining the last entry in the “instagrame” Tarasova, you notice that he “laykaet” some opinions of the subscribers.

      In a video posted on the page of the player, Dmitri and his friend Egor Krid sing the song “Little to so few”, which refers to how difficult it is to find a decent girl. Followers give guys advice on where to meet love, and also discuss family problems Tarasov and Buzova.

      “OLE had less about my emotional life to expose and give birth to children, and everything would be fine” – that this point of view “liked” Dmitry Tarasov.

      Apparently, the football player hurt his wife. Many of the surrounding Tarasov claimed that he really wanted to have children, but the question of offspring was postponed for the future. Evil tongues even rumored that Olga had some health problems, so they are unable to produce an heir. Dmitry Tarasov Olga Buzova charged with treason

      Dmitry Tarasov admitted to reporters after breaking up with his wife, that they have different views on life, and he does not understand what Buzova priorities.

      Olga, in turn, tries not to think about breaking up with a lover. Currently a TV presenter having a good time in the company of friends in Spain, because they believe that only people can provide adequate support in difficult period of life. In his remarks Networking and social events Buzova hinted at the fact that the cause of discord in their family was treason by Dmitry. “My first rule of happiness love peace. Second – never say never. And the third rule – keep close those people who need you,” said presenter in one of the radio programs.