Дмитрий Хворстовский отменил выступления из-за ухудшения здоровья

Well-known Russian Opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky struggling with brain cancer, despite its optimism, is forced to cancel a number of scheduled concerts because of the deterioration of his health.

Last night on the page of Dmitry in social networks there was a message in which he asked forgiveness of his fans and explained the inability to perform in the near future, the deterioration of his health.
“Dear friends, fans and colleagues, with great sadness I am forced to refuse participation in Opera productions in the foreseeable future. I had problems with balance due to my illness, so I rather not easy to perform in plays” — he wrote.
While Dmitry does not intend to do long breaks in the work, and will give concerts and record new songs.
“Singing is my life! And I really want to bring joy to his fans around the world” — says Dmitry. The support of fans, their love and prayers are very important to him and a necessary pause it weighs no less than disappointing his fans.
We will remind that about the disease Hvorostovsky became known in the summer of 2014, a few weeks after from brain cancer, died a famous actress Zhanna Friske. Wasting no time, Dimitri turned to the best German clinic and started treatment. In the winter of that year, he wanted to go on stage, but the specialists insisted that he would have to wait at least until spring. Since then, Dmitry has continued its struggle for life and undergoing treatment in the intervals between concerts.