Тарасов готовит большой сюрприз для Костенко The model started to celebrate birthday in a circle of family and friends. At the feast she had acquainted her sisters with her boyfriend Dmitry Tarasov, and received many pleasant surprises. However, users of social networks think that the main gift for the girl ahead.

      Тарасов готовит большой сюрприз для Костенко

      New darling of Dmitry Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko celebrating her 23rd birthday. To congratulate the girl with the holiday, arrived in Moscow with her family and friends. Sister models have started to post a funny video clips with her participation in social networks. “Dear Mathew, happy birthday! I love you very much. My most caring and beautiful!” – posted by Diana Shcherbakova.

      The model itself did not hide that I was really waiting for a birthday. In the night of Wednesday Kostenko was replaced by a picture in a social networking profile, but also left words of thanks to the family in the caption to the picture.

      “I will be brief – thanks for all my loved ones, friends and appropriate people. You make me happy!” the girl wrote.
      Тарасов готовит большой сюрприз для Костенко

      Later in the Internet appeared the video of the celebration in honor of Anastasia. Probably friends decided to give her a real surprise. Around midnight Kostenko presented a cake decorated with glowing “fountains”. Other waiters brought champagne and a hookah and also collectively congratulated the birthday girl with the 23rd anniversary. Judging by the pictures in social networks, the beloved Kostenko Dmitry Tarasov better acquainted with the members of her family. The player was photographed with sister models, as well as with other guests of the evening.

      Fans think that Dmitri Tarasov can do beloved offer of marriage in her birthday. However, skeptics believe that this will not happen, as a man still reeling from his divorce from Olga Buzova. It was rumored that the marriage of TV presenter and football player broke up because of his affair with “Miss world”.

      Recall that Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov came out of the relationship after the anniversary of the athlete. At the party girl partied with all the friends and family of the player. Many believe that the model was able to conquer Dmitrij’s mother Olga. As a rule, a relative of a player, always worries about her son and appreciates his social circle.

      The image of Anastasia on the anniversary of the chosen one instantly became the subject of discussion of Internet users. People felt that she chose an inappropriate dress and horrible shoes to appear in such an elite institution. However, Kostenko did not bother the criticism from the audience of social networks. On the contrary, the girl called the firm attire. Kostenko save on a dress for a party Tarasova