Светлана Зейналова заговорила о проблемах в воспитании «особенной» дочери Leading has come a long way full of difficulties. In a recent candid interview with Svetlana Zeynalov told that she had to endure. She faced lack of understanding of others and even ridicule. However, the woman did not give up and continues to fight for the happiness of his beloved heiress.

      TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalova – loving mother charming Sasha. Some time ago, the TV star made a Frank admission. The woman told about the diagnosis of eight-year-old daughter. The girl has autism, so it requires a special approach. During a recent conversation with journalists Zeynalov revealed the main difficulties encountered in the education of the heiress. Svetlana admits that being a mother of a child is different from peers, very hard. The celebrities had to face misunderstanding from others: Sasha pointed, and her mom asked not to visit with the baby.

      Special children stars through the wall of indifference

      “At some point, tired of telling everyone that my daughter just complex. So, you are ashamed of your own child, afraid to admit that there is a big problem that need to learn to live. I told him about our diagnosis in an interview deliberately to the people with whom Sasha talking, started to take to her began to take society to the state, in turn, is conscious of his responsibilities towards it,” said the woman.

      According to the leader, raising a child with autism is costly. As the parent of a “special” girl, Svetlana was invited to make a disability in order to receive payment in the amount of 13 thousand rubles per month. The woman did not refuse the help of the state. In addition, Zeynalov admitted that is taken for any work, because at many clubs and advice from professionals take a decent amount. Svetlana joked that “accounts fit only be viewed with the brandy.”

      When people say Zeynalova, she’s very strong, she said: “It is only because of the number of tests.” The woman and her daughter had to go a long way full of challenges.

      “The hardest part was in the first years. I remember Sasha noticed me for the first time. The pediatrician, who came home for the planned inspection, I noticed that Sasha looks into the eyes. Started going to doctors, tests, research… the Daughter refused to obey me, we could not understand each other… After another tantrum, I gave up: just sat on the floor and burst into tears… Then she saw me crying, came and hugged me. So I realized that the daughter sees me and hears and understands”, – said the leading.

      According to Svetlana, not all people are willing to take steps to establish contact with a “special” child that finds it hard to Express their emotions. From Sasha’s behavior may seem very strange, because she can communicate by screaming or unintelligible sounds. At such moments, Zeynalov asks the child to calm down and use words.

      Over time, Sasha was more or less integrate into society and make friends. The success of the girls said the psychiatrist. Specialist told Svetlana that her child is a good speaker and comes in contact. However, this work Zeynalova, of course, is not finished. Sasha is still quite a lot of difficulties, but her mom is not one of those who would give up after all.

      In the education of her daughter leading help from her civil husband Dmitry, and the ex-husband Alex. Ex-lover Zeynalova regularly visits the child, and her new chosen one sachet daily devotes a lot of time. So, according to Svetlana, Dmitry forced the girl to learn a new route that is very difficult for children with autism. “He taught her to cross the road, standing at traffic lights, walk new roads. At some point she gave up,” said the woman, “Telenedelya”. Svetlana Zeynalov told how her partner adopted a daughter with autism