Alla Pugacheva publicly appealed to the former son-in-law

Алла Пугачева публично обратилась к бывшему зятю The diva left a good word to Vladimir Presnyakov. The contractor today celebrates its birthday. Alla Pugacheva touching thanked the artist for her grandson. Fans of star joined her good wishes.

      Today Vladimir Presnyakov celebrates its 49th anniversary. Relatives and friends congratulate artist happy birthday, leaving wishes in social networks. One of the most touching and sincere congratulations was as Alla Pugacheva, the former mother-in-law Presnyakov. Diva never hid the fact that he considered Vladimir a member of the big family.

      “Happy birthday, son and thank you for a wonderful grandson,” wrote Russian pop star, laying out the portrait of Vladimir Nikita.

      This post Pugacheva caused heated discussions among its subscribers. “Good boy, both of you! The heart. Happiness to them!”, “Grandson cool! Well done to the parents and grandmother!”, “What are you all together”, “Join to your words! Grandson – guy thing.” – joined the Diva and her followers.

      Vladimir Presnyakov and the daughter of Alla Pugacheva Kristina Orbakaite met in the late 80-ies, when both were very young. The musician barely 18 years old, and the successor of the prima Donna about 15. Their marriage lasted 10 years, and then Christina decided to leave her husband. Rumor has it that Vladimir really suffered a hard breakup with the young singer: he drank a lot to numb the pain. However, after many years old lovers have forgotten all the troubles that arose between them. Ex-spouses sometimes meet at a party and cute communicate with each other. It is Alla Borisovna explained to them at the time that it is impossible to separate enemies.

      A close friend Presnyakov, Leonid Agutin joined in congratulating colleagues. The actor posted on a social network a picture in the signature to where you left the warm wishes.

      “My dear friend! Happy Birthday! 49 years ago your sun appeared on the horizon and blessed your family, then your family and friends and pretty soon your fans! And I’m glad absolutely selfish to bask in the glow of kindness and talent in those rare moments of a long-awaited communication, and just knowing that I have such a friend! Volodya, Vova, Vovochka, Vivek, Vladimir Vladimirovich, be happy and healthy! Definitely both! In your life there is a lot of correct, valuable and present! I’m proud of you and congratulations from all my heart!” – said the musician.

      At the moment, happy Presnyakov with Natalia Podolskaya. According to relatives of the actor, the singer totally changed it. The musician tries all she can give in and please.

      By the way, the grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita often comes to her grandmother and father to visit. Presnyakov-younger even introduced relatives with his fiancee, Alena Krasnova. The young people are preparing for the wedding. Alla is fully approved the choice of the guy. Alla Pugacheva about the wedding of his grandson: “Alain would be a good wife”

      According to Diva, she’s ready to help her grandson to find a suitable wedding dress and shoes. “If she asks me, we will go and she will choose”, – said Pugacheva in an interview with “StarHit”.