Таня Терешина поделилась интимным фото с бойфрендом The singer is not shy to show what is happening in her bedroom. Tanya Tereshina met his love in the middle of July. Despite the fact that Vadim Bukharov younger than her 13 years, this did not prevent their relationship.

      Singer Tanya Tereshina year ago broke up with his beloved Glory Nikitin. Together they raised a daughter ARIS, however, will not maintain the home and decided to leave. For a long time, the former soloist of group HI-FI didn’t make novels and occasionally complained to his followers on the absence of a strong male shoulder.

      However, this summer, the artist pleased his fans with good news – she’s finally met his love. The woman was placed in the microblog photo with a man much younger than her. Despite the age difference of 13 years Tanya Tereshina feels close to Vadim Buharov absolutely happy.

      Apparently, the relations of lovers are developing rapidly. Tereshina has published hot in bed with Vadim. Half-naked lovers decided to capture the happy moments of them together. It seems that the singer and the young man not without a sense of humor, and therefore allow themselves some mischief.

      Fans were delighted that Tanya and Vadim are behaving relaxed and not embarrassed to put on public display scenes of their own bedrooms. “Tanya well done! Keep it up! Imagine what poisonous saliva spewing now barred. As he should! Tanya, don’t forgive Warbler. He’s not worthy of you”, “Tatiana! You huge well done! All who are bored in life, will always find a reason to discuss your photo! Looking at you naked eye to see how happy you are now and “then” – this word is not for you . Admire your sharing photos and wish you a to the state in which you now arrive lasted forever!” – admired the amazed fans.

      Despite the fact that Tanya is building a relationship with a new partner since mid-July, she is not in a hurry to finally enter lover in your family. The young man is not familiar with her two year old daughter ARIS. But most of all Tereshina disappointed with the reaction of her former civil husband Glory Nikitin that now in her life, new love. Tanya Tereshina not introduces daughter young boyfriend

      “He threatened to beat me if he knew what Vadim’s been to my apartment – shared Tatiana in conversation with “StarHit”. – Old name-calling, and my favorite – homeless. A shame that father ARIS is behaving like an unbalanced person.”