Мария Машкова изменилась до неузнаваемости The actor’s daughter was struck in a new way. Friend Mashkovoi Maria Andreeva shared with the young woman on the social network page. At pictures can be difficult to know the star of the series “Not born beautiful”.

      Star of TV series “Not born beautiful” and “Hot news” Maria Mashkova attended the premiere, which was held at the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov. Her friend Maria Andreeva was nice to meet you. “Masha, my came” – signed picture actress. On pictures Mashkov is on the background image of his famous father. Her posture is the exact copy of position of the actor in the frame hanging on the wall of the theater.

      Maria has changed a lot. She lost weight and shaved off hair. Baggy clothing hides the figure of the actress. According to many, Mashkov became even more like his famous father. It is possible that such changes in the appearance of stars associated with her new role. In 2016, on the screens out the series “the Bouncer,” in which she played one of the roles. Its partners for the film began Gela Meskhi and Anastasiya Panina. In the film the main character returns to his hometown after a long imprisonment. He wants to heal your past and reclaim his beloved, who now lives with his enemy.

      Debuting on the silver screen in 1997, Maria tried himself in different roles. The role of the Secretary in the TV series “Not born beautiful” in 2005 brought the 21-year-old Mashkovoi real recognition among the viewers. It was on the set of this series, the girl met her first husband Artem Usov Semakina, who played Nikolai Zorkin. However, their relationship was not destined to last long. In 2009, the couple divorced. Second husband of the actress was the son of the famous pianist Alexander Slobodyanika. Maria bore him two daughters: Stephanie and Alexander. However, the emergence of children are unable to save the marriage.

      Despite the fact that her parents divorced when she was little, Vladimir Mashkov is a real example. “Daddy remains for me a kind of utopian ideal. But now that I am older and understand that with such a man as he, would not have been able to create a family for the simple reason that I very much like his dad in character. If two such furies will be under one roof, a normal life will not work”, said Maria in an interview.