Елизавета Боярская возмущена поведением отца According to the actress grandfather too spoils his grandson. Elizaveta Boyarskaya admits he had never seen Mikhail Boyarsky such a submissive person. The actor is ready to fulfill any wish of the baby.

      Elizaveta Boyarskaya recognizes that more recently, in the first place, for her family, the second to the theatre, and then movies. This year the actress managed to combine business with pleasure. For several months the star starred in the TV movie “Anna Karenina” Karen Shakhnazarov, where the main male role was played by her husband, Maxim Matveev.

      While the parents were busy on the set, their son, four year old Andrew, nursed grandparents that swear by him. Elizabeth is glad that her family is so strong, however, she jokingly outraged when her father Mikhail Boyarsky shows excessive guardianship over my grandson.

      “Andrew love, sometimes even too much, especially from his grandfather. I’ve never seen dad this submissive, desires a grandson he performs without question. “You can’t do – sometimes I resent it. – Keep yourself in hand”. But all in vain: for our grandparents Andrew, the deity, before which they bow down inspired,” says Elizabeth.

      By the way, and she boyar is a very open and sincere person. She admits that converges easily with people and can’t refuse. But, oddly enough, it was the birth of my son contributed to the fact that her character has become more stringent.

      “Four years ago, after the birth of Andrew, I realized that I can not so freely to dispose of themselves. Before agreeing to any job, whether it’s shooting a movie, interview or photo shoots for magazines. To much of what was involved, I was not lying soul, I was just afraid to offend the man by refusing. But now I will not give the time I can spend with my son. Want to talk with me? Please, I’m ready from 7 to 8 am, while my child sleeps,” says the star.

      Family friends Liza Boyarskaya has unveiled her son

      Interestingly, my son and Boyar Matveyev has manifested stubbornness. According to the actress, at his age, the boy is an adult with his point of view on the events.

      “Used to think that I am stubborn, but my son was more capricious nature. He’s still a RAM and a Dragon on horoscopes in General, a mixture of nuclear,” summarizes Boyarsky in an interview with “Good advice”.