Tanya Tereshina provokes boyfriend candid shots

Таня Терешина провоцирует бойфренда откровенными кадрами The singer stripped in front of an open window. Tanya Tereshina not hesitate to do erotic shots, what stirs the imagination of not only the elect but also the fans. Her lover Vadim is proud of the artist and also shares with members of her bold pictures.

      Singer Tanya Tereshina regularly indulges his fans with candid snapshots. She poses in sexy lingerie, causing a strong reaction of the fans. Despite the fact that now is a celebrity meets a young man Vadim, she continues to excite the imagination of the male half of the followers on the microblog, and may thus tries to cause jealousy of the chosen one. Tanya has published in Instagram photo in provocative underwear. Although initially none of the fans saw nothing wrong with the picture of the actress, it is recommended to pay attention to the reflection in the open window, where it was seen that she’s wearing only underwear that doesn’t hide the charms of her figure.

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      “Special, my reflection in the window. Have a nice day!” – posted by Tanya.

      Fans reacted to this the former soloist of group Hi-Fi. “Great!” “Beauty!”, “Morning has ceased to be languid,” said the followers of a celebrity. Apparently, Vadim not mind such images of his beloved. Moreover, he gladly puts in his microblog candid photos Tanya. It is quite possible, therefore he wants to demonstrate pride in the beloved.

      In August last year Tereshina announced that its ties with Vadim Buharov. The younger man singer for 13 years, however, this does not prevent love to build a harmonious relationship. Tanya introduced him to his daughter ARIS. The girl was born in a civil marriage with actress TV presenter Glory Nikitin. Despite the fact that the fans were hoping that the couple will be able to keep love, lovers still parted. After a breakup they often argued in social networks, but after some time each of them was able to find happiness and keep a friendly relationship for the sake of raising a small daughter. Tanya Tereshina told the child with a young boyfriend

      By the way, Slava Nikitin also not averse to tease his current girlfriend. Recently he has published in the microblog bold photo. In the picture he is depicted in the company of half-naked ladies. Nikitin could not boast of such a picture, though I understand that may cause anger sweetheart. “Check how many and how deep am I gonna get it from my mantle for a photo. Your bets, how much to grab?” asked Nikitin.