Таня Терешина не знакомит дочь с молодым бойфрендом The singer found love after a long lull in his personal life. Six months ago, Tanya Tereshina tried to establish a relationship with the Glory Nikitin for the baby, but now she is happy with another lover. Beloved actress of her younger 13 years.

      Таня Терешина не знакомит дочь с молодым бойфрендом

      In June 2014, only six months after giving birth to a daughter ARIS, Tanya Tereshina broke up with her father Vijay TV channel RU.TV Glory Nikitin. Her life changed in mid-July 2016.

      During this time she performed in Sochi, where the 37-year-old Tanya met 25-year-old public relations Director Vadim Buharov, the young man was one of the organizers of performances of the singer, and he’s a professional athlete and even went to the team of Russia in ski freestyle.

      “After the concert, we are a big company went to a dance, had fun until the morning,” recalls Tereshina in an interview with “StarHit”. – Vadim asked for my phone number I gave. We spent two more days, then I flew to Moscow, he wrote, called… What he got me hooked? I don’t know. I like him. He’s smart, educated, intelligent guy with innovative thinking, pulls me to him”.
      Таня Терешина не знакомит дочь с молодым бойфрендом

      After a month of distance communication Tanya and Vadim went on a journey through France, Italy and Spain together with a friend Tereshinoy singer Mitya Fomin and a few buddies.

      “It was there that I finally realized that Vadim is mine, says the star. – He cared about me brought Breakfast in bed, fed with a spoon, was worried that didn’t burn in the sun… Mitya, who has known me since 1993, said: “I’ve Never seen you with someone’s hand!”

      After two weeks of vacation lovers scattered towns: Tanya in Moscow, Vadim – in Sochi.

      “While on the move it is not, – says the singer. – I take it out is not so easy, my daughter, work… Vadim is also the case hold. But we agreed to fly to each other, and we have plans together on the sea to carry out the January holidays.

      Don’t mind the difference in 13 years. To the attacks of fans who are in social networks indicate Tereshinoy at the young age of the Chevalier, the singer responds with humor, signing the photo with Buharov “I son”.

      “I like young guys today,” admits Tereshina “StarHit”. If I really looked old, and Vadim Shkolnik, maybe we would look neorganichno, but it is not so.

      The only thing that today overshadows the life of a celebrity, a situation with a former boyfriend, 29-year-old Glory Nikitin. After hearing about the affair-Thani, the ex-boyfriend showered her with angry messages.

      “He threatened to beat me if he knew what Vadim’s been in my apartment, – says Tatiana. – Old name-calling, and my favorite – homeless. A shame that father ARIS is behaving like an unbalanced person.”

      Daughter with a new boyfriend Tereshina not yet introduced. “It was not possible, not on Skype to do it,” says the singer.