Участница «Дома-2» Александра Гозиас терпит побои любимого The girl believes that she is guilty of aggression his choice. Alexander Goias in the previous marriage is also faced with the fact that her husband was violent towards her. Now she is building a relationship with a new lover, but I’m not sure it fits her as a future husband

      Participant in the popular reality show “Dom-2” Alexander Gosias finally found happiness in his personal life Konstantin Ivanov. Despite the fact that his appearance on the project the man was unable to produce Gosias the proper impression, after some time they built a relationship. Happy Union overshadows one aspect – often the conflicts in a pair end with the assault. Contestant of the reality show this situation is not satisfied. Now she’s not sure if she can see herself in the future, the wife of Constantine.

      “If he stops to raise a hand to me, then Yes. Kostya is a very caring man, and if our relationship had no fights, I would love him even more, and would have behaved differently,” admitted Alexander.

      However, Gosias sees Ivanov realizes his mistakes and blunders. It gives hope to the girl for a bright future together.

      Alexander had once been married, but in past relationships she had to endure improper attitude on the part of the husband. Moreover, in recognition of Goias, the husband beat her even when she was pregnant. The long-awaited birth of a daughter failed to temper his aggression on his father’s side of the family. Despite this, Alexander thinks the ex-spouse kind and helpful.

      Although Ivanov does not deter aggression, Goias justify his unacceptable behavior. She even believes that she becomes a source of irritation for a mate, but admitted that he can be obedient and keep the anger of a loved one only under certain conditions.

      “Of course, my fault. I’m just weird – can’t be submissive, as required by my choices. I don’t want to feel like a bird in a cage, ” says Alexander in an interview with “House-2″. – If a man wants to see me obedient, that should give me a lot to ensure you take full responsibility. I’ll give him that gonna lie down and watch those puppy dog eyes. And when it is not, I begin to kick. Hence, the problem develops into a fight. Kostya just don’t know how to find the right approach, therefore, applies in relation to me physical force.”