Экс-избранница Андрея Черкасова не жалеет о разрыве с ним Stella Munis even glad I found out about the unpleasant traits of the former chosen. The girl confessed that she was very sorry for what is Andrei Cherkasov was not as as she imagined it. Now the former participant “Houses-2” is going to dive into the work.

      Just a month ago, the beloved former reality show participant Andrei Cherkasov Stella Munis raved about your relationship with him. The girl believed that she is lucky that she met such a man – caring, considerate, with whom I assumed to create a family and saw him as the father of my future children. However, to the disappointment of fans, this idyll is not preserved for a long time – the lovers are all of a sudden broke up. However, Stella did not long grieve over the gap.

      “I can’t say that I particularly painful our separation was. I was hurt and hate that Andrew was not what I had imagined. I think for the sake of a loved one could do much,” admitted Monas reporters.

      Also, she added that a feeling of pity for Cherkasov drove all the experiences. Moreover, right after Stella left the project, she returned to her previous life was to work hard and implement your own projects. Stella not sorry for the time that she spent with Andrew. This allowed her to understand that this man does not suit her.

      Moreover, after a while, Manas realized that was not the right Andrew. Stella glad I was able to learn a lot about your man before the relationship went too far. She went from beloved to the contest “Man of the year”.

      “Usually Cherkasov he stopped the girls, and then he threw me, especially right before finals. He is justified in front of their fans, I said that I exchanged it for a career. It’s just ridiculous. Andrew invited me to the project, promised that we would leave together, and eventually disappeared behind me and pretended like the relationship I broke,” – described the situation of Stella.

      Now Monas decided to devote himself fully to his career and does not seek to tie a new relationship, despite the fact that men are showing increased interest in her person.

      “I was repeatedly sent to work Teddy bears, flowers and expensive champagne. I don’t know who spoils me, but like any girl, thanks for the attention,” said Munas in an interview with “House-2”.