Анна Матисон впервые рассказала о дочери от Сергея Безрукова The Director admitted that the long and much wanted child. Anna matison my husband is a heir in beginning of July. The couple loved the girl, but protect it from excessive public attention.

      Анна Матисон впервые рассказала о дочери от Сергея Безрукова

      In the life of the famous actor Sergei Bezrukov started a new Chapter. In early July, the people’s artist and his wife Anna matison’s daughter. The girl decided to call Maria. Of her birth fans learned from the Sergei, who published the happy news on his page in Instagram.

      I wonder what Anna uses the Internet only for searching information, but the publications of her husband, she closely monitors and even helps him to take pictures for the microblog. So, the images of the daughter were the works of her hands.

      “Well, photos of Masha – it says loudly, still it is there at all to be seen. I rented and watched it. The fact that he is really loved by the audience. And the coin has two sides. One is fine, it is open to fans, never refuse a joint photo and autograph. The other popular cause and high media interest, which are not always correct. When my daughter was born, we got information that the tabloid press is preparing a publication, there is all learned. Decided to avoid distortion, and posted the news themselves,” he told Mathison.

      It is worth noting that the family tandem of two filmmakers have outgrown in professional. Sergey Bezrukov has played a major role in the film Anna matison “the milky way”. At the moment, by the way, the Director and screenwriter is working on a new project.

      Sergey Bezrukov goes from maternity leave

      “I have long and much wanted child. Generally good with kids, so I now make children’s movies. So now I have rather not turned over everything, and in its place arose. Now all well and good,” shared the star.

      By the way, after the wedding, which took place in March, Anna paid tribute to the traditions and took her husband’s name. While in public she remains matison, explaining that this surname has a long history.

      “The accent was originally on the first syllable, but in Russian variant on the third. But now the passport I Bezrukova, but Mathison is now a pseudonym. Therefore, the distinction of work and home has become even more noticeable”, – said Anna in an interview with “Woman’s day”.