Таня Терешина отрывается с друзьями в Португалии The singer shows loose morals. Tanya Tereshina has published on his page on “Instagrame” highly provocative photo, which caused conflicting emotions in its followers.

      Таня Терешина отрывается с друзьями в Португалии

      After a long labor period, Tanya Tereshina decided to go on a holiday. The singer chose a wonderful warm country Portugal and flew there together with his friends, among whom were her former bandmate “Hi-Fi” Mitya Fomin. Cheerful company staged a memorable trip, preferring beach holidays active. Friends travelled around the country and saw different cities.

      Not without provocation from the singer. Other photos with stunning views of Portugal star has published on his page in Instagram photo that caused a lot of emotions in its followers. On pictures Tereshina kissing at the same time with two men.

      Such loose morals was not to liking to all fans of the actress. Some just laughed a kind of manifestation of Tatiana. “It’s time to be together,” “When you married will go?” “Class! Happiness to you”, – they wrote in the comments.

      Таня Терешина отрывается с друзьями в Португалии

      By the way, Tereshina is not the first time intriguing their followers. For example, recently she gave them reason to think again converged with the former civil husband Glory Nikitin. The couple shared a teenage daughter ARIS. Unfortunately, the joint lives of the girl’s parents did not work. Old lovers did not hesitate to make public the details of family quarrels and mutual claims.

      However, on one of the last photos of Tatiana and the Glory of the cute posed in front of the camera lens. “Thank for such a glowing, happy,” “Well, you’re made for each other, you are a perfect pair,” “Be together! You are a delightful pair!” – posted by fans of the star.

      It is interesting that, despite a painful breakup, the singer and TV continue to maintain good relations with each other for their little daughter. So, are all important for girls events Tereshina and Nikitin were always there. And although ARIS was left to live with mom and dad, too, often deals with the child and tries to give the baby their full attention.

      Daughter joined Tanya Tereshina and Glory Nikitin

      Sometimes the former soloist of group “Hi-Fi” even feels kind of jealous of your daughter when she is next to dad. “When this couple together, I feel out of place. And which of us gave birth to her?” – wrote in the microblog Tereshina after the birth of ARIS.

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