Дарья Пынзарь учит женщин правильно кормить грудью Turned ten days ago a mother for the second time the star of the show “Dom-2” immersed in the care of the baby. Daria said, as she began to feed the newborn, as well as shared secrets, which help to ease this painful process.

      Дарья Пынзарь учит женщин правильно кормить грудью

      The star of the reality show “House-2” Daria Pynzar gave birth to her second son on may 15. Several hours later, after the appearance of the baby born happy mom announced the news to his fans. The boy was named David. While staying in the prenatal center, Dasha and her husband Sergey had posted pictures with the newborn and showed how happy they once again become parents.

      Daria Pynzar first showed newborn baby

      When eks-the participant “Houses-2” were discharged from the hospital, waiting for her friends and relatives with balloons and gifts. Home Pintara was a children’s soft purple color.

      Daria holds in the course of the first days of the son of all his fans. Reality star show, showed fotografii with the first outing of the boy and shared pictures from the toy shop, where they chose a gift for Artemis.

      Дарья Пынзарь учит женщин правильно кормить грудью

      However, the most unpleasant and painful moment for the famous mommy was the beginning of breastfeeding. A few days Pynzar decided to openly share with the young moms who read her “Instagram” as the doctors advised her to take care of the Breasts, while she would feed the baby.

      “I have after the first birth was made mammoplastika and I honestly worried how it will all happen! For consultations in the prenatal center I visited during pregnancy and said that problems should not be, convinced that the key to success is the frequent attachment of the baby, massage and a warm shower in a circle and to the center. The first night of arrival milk me and pleased, and frightened, because his chest hurt and was tight. I immediately began to massage and, lo and behold! – in the morning we have to get by!”, – shared on her Facebook page Daria.
      Дарья Пынзарь учит женщин правильно кормить грудью

      Like many modern moms, Dasha decided to start using the breast pump, as it facilitates the process of lactation. In the comments women shared their stories about the early days of their babies and admired the photo Pynzar, frozen with a kid in a kiss.

      Dasha told earlier that always tries to be close to her son. “My son sleeps in our Seryozha bedroom. I don’t leave him alone even for a second, everywhere I drive behind him his crib on wheels” – shared in an interview with “StarHit” the Pynzar.

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