Любовь Виролайнен жертвует собой ради мужа The star of the film “Love man” considers that the obligation to provide man comfort. The actress is happy with the second spouse. Lyubov Virolainen admits that her choice would never have chosen a life partner the one who loves himself.

      Любовь Виролайнен жертвует собой ради мужа

      Lyubov Virolainen was loved by the audience, playing a major role in the film “Love man”. Despite the fact that many Actresses aspire to reach the heights in his career, honoured artist of the Soviet Union on the contrary, saw its purpose in creating warmth and coziness in the house. But she found true happiness only with the other spouse. The actress met her true love in unexpected circumstances. When her first husband, Yuri Virolainen was in the hospital, in the clinic, she met with the cardiac surgeon Alexander Zorin. She was not afraid to leave the family, despite the fact that she grew up a son as they have already fallen out of love with her husband.

      In the second marriage she is ready to fully submit to the will of the husband and to fulfil all, but would he feel comfortable. About it the actress said Yulia Menshovoj in the program “Alone with all”.

      “And why do woman do in order to lead? Well, a woman by nature needs man to raise, but we trample men. It is necessary to raise it – so he came home and he was waiting for, everything is there. It’s in my brain,” admits Love.

      After such a Declaration Menchov suggested that spouse and Virolainen is very kind to his wife. But the leading was extremely surprised that, despite all the care actress, Alexander does not make Grand gestures.

      “I never even gave flowers. He’s a heart surgeon after all. Comes tired, tired leaves. He says: “Want, take, buy whatever you want. Want bouquets – bouquets buy yourself what you want,” admitted the actress.
      Любовь Виролайнен жертвует собой ради мужа

      Virolainen believes that she has a beautiful model of family relations. For her love means total devotion. The artist believes that a strong marriage will be the case if the woman gives more, and does not require from men. The actress admits that her husband never would have chosen life partner the one who loves himself.

      “My whole life is subject to only a sachet, and will be so for the rest of my days,” says Virolainen.

      Love recognizes that actressa profession did not bring her happiness, despite the fact that she has received many awards for his creative life. Virolainen believes that if she met her second husband early in his career, it would without a doubt would choose family.

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