Tanya Tereshina angered by the publication of racy photos

Таня Терешина возмутила публикацией пикантного фото The singer did not hesitate to expose an intimate part of his body off. Fans of Tanya Tereshinoy hit the star criticized after she posted two pictures, showing Boobs.

      Figure Thani Tereshinoy is admired by her fans. The singer does not hide the slender forms. She often publishes on his page in social networks pictures where posing half naked in seductive poses.

      However, fresh images of the stars did not cause the admiration of her followers. On the contrary, users of Instagram erupted with criticism Tereshinoy. The fact that the star published one after the other two photos, which depict close-up of her Breasts. Through the thin undershirt visible outlines intimate parts of the body of the star.

      “Now please explain what is the meaning of your photo?”, “A very beautiful soul, and Your lips are divine in this photo”, “Tanya, you have a truly fine sense of humor”, “why do we need to look at it?”, “Somehow contemptible, suknenko. No, I do not envy”, “Live like there’s not enough of something,” said fans of the artist.

      In addition, followers Tereshinoy thought she still can not forget his former civil wife Glory Nikitin. Apparently, their assumptions were born after the publication of Tatiana photocollage, in which the presenter poses with their little daughter ARIS.

      “I found this great picture at home. Moreover, even printed. ARIS here not even two months. Sit pricked. Two years have passed, and if it were just last week. Actually, I’m in the first six months exactly from the photo mode did not leave the phone. It is better not to eat than not to take a picture of the daughter. All the time taking pictures. Then I realized that the daughter will grow up and see as soon as dad holds her on the hands, but I could not photograph… it is the coolest highlights”, signed collage Tereshina.

      We will remind, earlier this month, Tatiana launched into a discussion about the role of sex in relationships, at the same time telling fans about that some time ago she was unable to resist the temptation and spent the night in the arms of his former civil husband Glory Nikitin.

      Tanya Tereshina admitted having sex with her ex-husband

      “Sex, he does all the spoils, though, and sometimes abruptly short-happy – wrote Tereshina. – Sometimes he is so not the topic, just want to say, “What was that?” Yes what to hide, we once in our ten months of “celibacy” is still broke with Nikitin and did it. And then I realized that we accidentally hit our live date in five years. Said in one word! PS Slightly lifted our secret. And why not”.

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