Паулина Андреева счастлива работать в проекте Бондарчука The actress filled with gratitude. Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk work on the spy series “Sleeping”, the script for which was written by Sergey Minaev. Star said moving to the address of the writer.

      The Director of the series “Method”, which brought magnificent success of the Paulina Andreeva, began work on a new project. Yuri Bykov takes serial picture entitled “Sleepers.” It is known that the script was written for her by Sergei Minayev, and was produced by Fyodor Bondarchuk invited to one of the main roles his fiancée Paulina Andreev. It is worth noting that he himself will appear in a few scenes.

      Work on the project is already in full swing – we are shooting a spy series. Paulina successfully got into character and feel the character of the heroine. The actress praised the work of the writer. She sent Sergei Minaev video, which admits that has him gratitude.

      Interestingly, the plot of the Thriller “Sleeping” is still kept secret. According to some, the film is set in the summer of 2013, on the eve of the tragic events in Ukraine, in the period of aggravation of the situation in the middle East. Against the background of these historical moments will be shown the work of Russian counterintelligence agents, who are in dangerous conditions. Agents will try to expose a cunning plan of special services of foreign States.

      We will remind, about the beginning of shooting on his page on “Instagram” announced the writer Sergey Minaev. “Today, Yuri Bykov began filming the series “Sleeping”, the script of which I lived last year and a half. Hurrah!” – he wrote in microblogging, posting a photo of the traditional Quintarelli where you signed the creators of the project.

      By the way, the producer of “Sleeping” Fyodor Bondarchuk and actress Paulina Andreeva combine work on a project preparing for the wedding. When will the triumph, not yet reported. We only know that it was postponed to a later date due to increased attention to the couple.

      “Paulina has suspended the process of preparation due to the rising sensation, – said the “StarHit” the Director of the actress Olga Loginova. – So it’s hard to talk about dates, time will pass and everything will take place”.

      Paulina Andreeva presented by Fyodor Bondarchuk family

      Recently, Fedor met with relatives of Paulina who live outside St. Petersburg. Bondarchuk quickly found a common language with the younger brothers future wife.

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