Тамара Семина высказалась о несчастной судьбе Натальи Кустинской A colleague recalled his student days. Tamara Semin said that Natalia Kustinskaya been the subject of ridicule from fellow students. According to the actress, famous blonde deserved failures in life.
Тамара Семина высказалась о несчастной судьбе Натальи Кустинской

This weekend the famous actress Natalia Kostinski would have turned 80 years old. She passed away in December 2012. Many fans could not believe that one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema has changed a lot and died alone.

Many understood that Natalia Kustinskaya competed with another popular actress Natalia Fateeva. They played friends in the movie “Three plus two”, but in real life femme blonde I got this from a friend of her husband, cosmonaut Boris Yegorov. As it turned out, the whole company celebrated the New year. It was there that the man met and fell in love with a colleague of his wife, and then went to her. Guests in the Studio program “Let them say” remember that Kustinskaya proud with her Egorov lived for 19 years, and Fateeva five. According to her classmate and colleague Tamara Semina, this is an excuse. Tamara Semina about the character of Natalia Kostinskii: “She was all give a damn”

“Smart, bright men like empty, anxious, worthless women are very susceptible. These women are stupid, but smart female. And many so-so, boobies, and a very vile, vile, disgusting. I mean Natalia Kustinskaya,” said Semin.
Тамара Семина высказалась о несчастной судьбе Натальи Кустинской

However, some hastened not to agree with her. Moreover, guests in the Studio asked why she talks about his classmate and not repulsed if Kustinskaya from Semina suitors. Tamara Petrovna told me that the rest of your life Natalia called her and considered a friend.

“We know it by heart, and Costa – subject to fur, smiles, jokes,” recalled Semina student.

Natalia Kustinskaya shortly before his death, was buried son Dmitry, and the only grandson. The heir was twice brought to justice on charges related to drugs. Tamara Semin believes that the actress herself to blame for such a fate.

Тамара Семина высказалась о несчастной судьбе Натальи Кустинской

At the end of life Kustinskaya changed much – she was overweight and was seriously injured. The actress fell, and the leg remained trapped in the battery. Natalia has been 12 hours since there was one. The doctor, who was watching the artist in the last years of her life, told that she had diabetes, arthritis, fracture of the spine. She understood the gravity of the situation, but was cheerful and not thinking about death.

A neighbor who lived with Kostinsky in the same house, I remembered that Natalya abused alcoholic drinks.