Загородный дом cолиста Uma2rman пострадал в сильном пожаре According to some reports, Sergei Kristovskiy left the estate in the Moscow region ex-wife Natalia. Another part of the townhouse owned by the Director of the group. Friends of the musician and his colleagues got off lightly.

In elite cottage settlement in Krasnogorsk lit townhouse, owned by a member Uma2rman Sergei Kristovskiy and Director Eugene Lazarev. Close property owners were not injured, they managed to leave the premises. This “StarHit” said the representative of Kristovskiy brothers, which Yulia Sazhina.

On a place of incident urgently arrived employees of special services. They immediately started to liquidate the fire. According to some reports, the fire area exceeds 300 square meters and there was a threat of distribution of fire on nearby houses. After a time the fire managed to localize.

Residents of the village of Gavrilkovo gathered near place of incident. Another participant Uma2rman Vladimir Kristovskiy came to support loved ones. The reason why the fire occurred, is not yet established.

Earlier in a similar situation was the singer Lera Masskva. In December last year, the actress, her husband Paul and son Evlakhov Plato was urgently hospitalized after a severe fire, which occurred in the apartment of the actress on the prospectus of Marshal Zhukov in Moscow. Lera and Paul went to the research Institute Sklifosovsky, and the child was taken to children’s hospital.

Firemen managed to prevent the spread of fire. Later, the singer said that the size of the disaster it was unpleasantly surprised. “From the apartment, as I explained, was a piece of bedroom and wardrobe in the nursery. Living room and kitchen burned down completely. How and why it happened we don’t know yet… we Live temporarily there where some things we gathered friends,” said Leroy on Instagram.

Party Uma2rman Sergei Kristovskiy and his colleague Eugene have yet to assess the scale of the fire. It is known that some things were saved. Vladimir Kristovskiy lives in the same village as my brother. Only in the exclusive village of 15 houses. According to some, after a divorce country estate he left ex-wife Natalia.

Now Sergey Kristovskiy is married to the star of the series “Eighties” Natalia Zemtsova. The lovers are secretly registered the relationship in June 2016. After the wedding, the couple traveled with friends to Spain. To settle the couple chose a new building, where they bought an apartment. Design the family nest studied the current girlfriend of musician Natalia.