Talk show “let’s get married!” are waiting for fundamental reform

Ток-шоу «Давай поженимся!» ждут кардинальные реформы Transmission of the First channel will be updated. Rose Sabitova said, what will be the format in the upcoming season. According to the presenter, the audience will see the heroes of the past issues under the new circumstances.
Ток-шоу «Давай поженимся!» ждут кардинальные реформы

Rose Sabitova shared details of a new format a current-show “let’s get married!”. In the upcoming season, the characters of will find future deputies with the ex-spouses. Former program participants that found each other on the transmission, but then broke up, will help to arrange a personal life to each other.

“We are married or were married, but then divorced. So they came with their exes. This format is called “Pair for the former.This format is called “Pair for the former,” but it does not replace the familiar – these releases we put once a week,” Sabitova said.
Ток-шоу «Давай поженимся!» ждут кардинальные реформы

According to the creators of the updated talk show, a husband and wife know about each other much more than parents or friends, therefore easily find a pair for an ex or former. The presenter said that those wishing to again participate in the talk show enough.

Also in the updated format, the groom will be asked to choose “clone” – one of three girls who dressed alike, painted. According to Sabitova, all women will be similar to ex-lover men.

“We want to show that unconsciously the man is looking for in a new girlfriend something from the previous one. In the case of divorced it worked. A gear ex-husband for 40 helped to find a new lover’s ex-wife, but seeing that she was not deprived of male attention, wanted to get back to her… Asked for forgiveness and swore eternal love,” said Sabitova portal

“Let’s get married!,” aired almost 10 years. Informed in each edition of the program the groom or the bride was asked to make a choice of the three candidates. The protagonist of the next edition of the show, according to the authors, met with potential candidates. He then has the choice who would like to pursue a relationship outside the set. Program participants came into the Studio with your family or friends people. Those, in turn, played the role of the classic “the matchmakers”.

For many years, the talk show has changed hosts. At first people helped Larisa Volga. Then it was replaced by Larisa Guzeeva, and joined the program astrolog Vasilisa Volodina and matchmaker rose Sabitova.