Participant of the show “the Voice” Daniel storms: “We Garipova sang in pubs”

Участник шоу «Голос» Данил Буранов: «Мы с Гариповой пели по кабакам» The young artist talked about the emotions that are experienced at the “blind auditions”. The guy came on the music project for the third time. According to Daniel, in the corridors of “Mosfilm”, where he housed the Studio, was extremely nervous conditions.
Участник шоу «Голос» Данил Буранов: «Мы с Гариповой пели по кабакам»

Daniel storms out of Zelenodolsk has managed to find his way into music circles. A young man performs at major festivals, and deals with many singers and composers. In social networks, the guy often puts photos with Grigory Leps, Alexander by panajotovym, as well as footage from private parties. Daniel is friends with Dina Garipova, who won the first season of “the Voice.”

Daniel was born into a musical family, so from an early age engaged in singing and each year only improves skills. Blizzards took part in the project “Main stage”, and already came to listen when he took the children in the second season of “the Voice”. Besides, while the artist worked in karaoke clubs, so was ready for scrutiny by the jury and the public.

“It was scary exactly to going on stage. I had to stand for some time before the backs of the jury, as there were problems with the orchestra. During this time I was able to adapt to the environment,” shared Daniel storms with “StarHit”.

Blizzards confident and believes that he has all chances to become the winner of this season or definitely to get to the finals. At the auditions the young man sang the song “Verbania” Juliana Karaulova. According to the participant of the project, he was used to such compositions, as in order a different karaoke tracks.

“On “the Voice” should come with some baggage. That the artist was shot clips or recorded song. This will ensure career advancement. On the set I supported the mother. Friends are very happy for me,” said storms.

According to the artist, he tries not to disappoint the audience, taking into account all their needs. The young man believes that he can unleash the full creative potential on the project. However, blizzards can’t call yourself a fan of this musical show.

“I have not watched “the Voice”, because for me it’s boring. Only the first season I watched, because there was Dean. We knew each other, sang together in pubs. Now sometimes seen on the filming and the concerts,” said Daniel.

A young man is preparing to revolutionize the world of music. According to Baranova, the Russian songs too much pain and suffering, so we need to fix it.