Tailors told how sewed wedding dress for Kate Middleton

Портные рассказали как шили свадебное платье для Кейт Миддлтон

Kate Middleton and Prince William got married 6 years ago, but her wedding dress is still remembered. Despite the fact that the Duchess has appeared in many outfits after this time, but talk about her dress not are still. This time I raised the subject themselves tailors who sewed the wedding dress of Alexander McQueen.

Портные рассказали как шили свадебное платье для Кейт Миддлтон

“We knew who sew for a dress, but carried out their work in an atmosphere of secrecy. The cleaners were forbidden to enter the room, the door code was changed. About dress constantly talked about in the news, but then no one knew the name of the designer. We didn’t think about the news, and tried to focus on the work you’ve done. I admit, it was an exciting company and everyone loved it – the opportunity of a lifetime,” says one of the tailors, which was engaged in the manufacture of dresses.

Creative Director of Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton, who created the veil and shoes for the wedding dress decided to dispel some rumors that hovered over her work. “Some people mistakenly think I’m afraid to talk about the happy experience of creating the wedding dress of Kate Middleton. I’ve never been shy or the man ruled by fear. I loved creating this outfit, and we all put it in their hearts. Respect the privacy of this beautiful project… a woman’s Desire to have a beautiful wedding dress is the most natural thing in the world,” says Burton.

At the moment the Duchess is carrying already the third child of the Royal family. In the first months of her pregnancy, Kate decided not to go out because of the complex forms of toxicity. But very soon she began to my routine and last it pleased the palladium theatre in London. Almost every event, which is visited by the wife of Prince William raises funds for charity. And annual theatrical show the Royal Variety Performance, the purpose of which is to raise funds to help artists who are in difficult life situations.

Together with Prince William Middleton appeared in a dress by Jenny Packham. The dress was embroidered with shiny ornaments. The outfit she added a light silver shoes and clutch bag, while William wore a classic suit. Fans of the Royal family could clearly see that the belly of the expectant mother of a third child has increased markedly. Kate had her hands on the rounded belly, whether it’s trying to hide his position.