Поклонники Табакова возмущены тем, что не смогли почтить его память Football fans wanted to expand the stadium a huge banner dedicated to the actor. Oleg Tabakov was a big fan of the team “Spartak”, so the fans wanted to Express their condolences this way, but they are not allowed to do.
Поклонники Табакова возмущены тем, что не смогли почтить его память

Oleg Tabakov has died after a long illness on 12 March 2018. For many fans this was a shock, because they believed that the man will be able to overcome the disease and return to the profession. After the sad news of thousands of fans of the stars began to devote posts to Instagram, to bring to “Snuff” and the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov’s flowers and letters.

Oleg Pavlovich was known not only as the actor of theatre and cinema, but also as an ardent fan of football club “Spartak”. He attended many of the matches, I always enjoy rooting for your favorite team. That is why sports club fans are unable to ignore the sad news. They created a huge banner that was supposed to appear on stands March 17 during the match in Kazan FC “Rubin”.

However, fans are unable to complete the project. Despite requests, they were not allowed to carry the banner to the stadium. Tabakov fans were outraged at such injustice. They left hundreds of disgruntled comments on social networks.

“How could you? It’s a way to honor the memory of a man”, “tobacco was a great “Spartacus”, and this humiliation that we were not allowed to say goodbye”, “Now it is necessary to organize rally in Moscow”, – wrote the fan “Spartaka”.

Security Director football Premier League (RFPL) Alexander meitin hastened to apologize to the fans of the club. He noted that the problem arose due to the mismatch of the poster safety rules.

“I want to apologize to the fans and everyone my mistake could have been hurt. In fact, the banner was agreed with the Premier League. It was not allowed to the podium, the workers of the Ministry of emergency situations – for lack of a fire certificate. It was a legal requirement dictated by the rules of conduct of spectators in official competitions. But in any case I made a mistake,” said meitin.

Now fans of football club “Spartak” consider the variant of the organization of special events, dedicated to Tabakov, – during a home match in Moscow. They do not intend to abandon my goal and want to show their respects to the actor.

The portal Sports.ru not yet tells how the incident treated native star.

Recall that the funeral of Oleg Pavlovich took place on March 15. At the ceremony, promania at the Moscow art theatre was attended by numerous star friends Tabakov, his relatives and colleagues in the scene.