Виктория Боня воссоединилась с мужем ради дочери The heiress turned TV presenter for six years. Victoria Bonia not stingy and organized for the Royal baby celebration. The celebration was attended by the girl’s father and her many friends.

Victoria Bonya often shares with fans the details of his social life and professional achievements. However, the star recently prefers not to dwell on the personal. Also the TV presenter rarely puts a joint photo with her daughter Angelina. However, for the sake of the birthday girl, the star made an exception.

Victoria is actively shared details of the upcoming holiday. So, for the girl chose a elegant white dress with a fluffy skirt. Angelina looked like a real Princess, and throughout the day received congratulations and compliments.

“Today we have a holiday, birthday themed leopard mood. So wished Angelica to your sixth birthday. For this reason, as an exception, share with you a family photo,” signed by the presenter touching the daughter and her father.

Former Deputy Boney Alex smerfit, of course, couldn’t miss the birthday baby. The celebration was organized in Monaco, where she lives dad of Angelina. During the celebration he enjoyed partying with her and her friends.

Fans touched by the family who posted Them on my Instagram. Victoria and Alex immediately after parting said that he would try to maintain good relations for the sake of their child.

“Her happiness and what she wants, and mom and dad will help accomplished her dreams”, “How do you like all three! As in the movie, the same, beautiful and the resemble each other! You have to be together,” “Vic, what you done, to save the relationship, but from men in this situation, too much depends” – opinions of members of Victoria.

The event was attended by not only friends of Angelina, but many animators who entertained the guests. The highlight of the program was the appearance of a fancy cake with a figurine in the form of a leopard.

After the party Victoria showed an incredible amount of gifts which were received by her daughter. The girl was clearly pleased with the gift and with great interest studied the contents of all boxes.

Now, Angelina lives with her mother in the United States. However, it is often the case in Monaco, when visiting her dad. Alex smerfit loves to show pictures of her daughter, noting that the successor radically changed his life. According to rumors, the man has long been happy in other ways, and Bonia are not alone. However, this does not prevent the ex-lover to spend time and vacations together, surrounding the child’s care.