Свами Даши раздумывает о дальнейшем участии в «Битве экстрасенсов» Mystic every time asks about the need to be on the project. Swami Dashi from the first test has established itself as one of the strongest psychics of the new season. Fans were quick to convince the man that they cheer only for him and consider his ability a miracle.

      Despite the fact that the 17th season of the popular TV show “Battle of psychics” began recently, some mystics have already managed to take the lead and Shine pass a test. Among them was one of the most mysterious parties of Swami Dashi. The man was able to win the favor of many fans of the show, and also constantly delights the skeptics of the jury and the people whose convoluted history needs to “see” psychics.

      As recognized by Swami Dashi, each transmission series creates in his soul a mixed reflection.

      “Test. Every time after watching a new release, inside the hollows the question: “Why do you need it?!”, a sort of internal koan! A quantum leap of consciousness, which happened last week, when observing their reactions to everything that was happening around, only part of the realization of the great process going on inside me. I call it the infinite compassion of the Buddha” – shared his thoughts the man with fans on the social network.

      After these words, fans are seriously worried that Swami might come to the conclusion to leave the project. They wished him strength and patience, assuring that only believe in him and he will be a shame if he suddenly decides to terminate its participation in the “Battle of the psychics. What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

      “Dear Dashi, thousands of people support you and hope for your victory! Strength to you and your soul of patience! Hope you like Groin, leaves the project. Hold on!” “Don’t throw the audience! You are like a ray of light in a dark Kingdom. A breath of fresh alien air! Groin the last time he escaped, I hope that you will not escape. If you need it”, “don’t go! We’re pulling for you! You’re the best of all seasons! Please Swami’s Grace, the hope of many for a miracle in your hands!” “This is one of the stages of the path. Perhaps his mission is to show people that man is able to modify itself, and come through the enlightenment to superhuman abilities. That magic is just a temptation to want to change your life – change it yourself, you can do it!” – tried to convince subscribers of the MAG.

      The psychic said that only love, compassion, and the experience of his life help to cope with all the trials that fall to him as part of the project. However, Dasha told his fans that he is interested in what happens to change his mind in the framework of the program “Battle of psychics.”