Александр Панайотов вспомнил, как опустился на самое дно Member of the project “the Voice” could no longer go on stage. The tragic circumstances that almost claimed the life of Alexander Panayotov, helped him to rethink his life. The contractor is ready for a new breakthrough.

      Александр Панайотов вспомнил, как опустился на самое дно

      The triumphant return of Alexander Panayotov television made a lot of noise. On the graduate music project “people’s artist” after several years of silence once again talking. The singer won the hearts of viewers from across the country and members of the jury in the anniversary season of “the Voice”.

      Finalist of “the Voice” fueling the scandal involving Alexander Panayotov

      After the blind auditions, Alexander was in command of Grigory Leps. Ahead of the next round in which Panayotova will once again amaze the audience, because it currently is riveted more attention than to the rest of the participants. The actor is preparing for a new leap, and he doesn’t want to go into the shadows, as it was in the last few years. Alexander admits that that period in his life was very difficult.

      “When first you were everywhere, and then you’re nowhere. It is very hard mentally, not everyone copes, especially creative people. And when you reach the bottom of something — you either stay there, or… frankly says Panayotov. Someone’s got alcohol, drugs. I was just a moral bottom. There is nothing worse when you’re trying, writing songs, doing shows, and in response — ignore the same colleagues, figures of show-business, as if you’re not in this world. So, either you stay on this bottom and leaving the profession, or due to some impetus to start again.”

      According to the artist, the impetus for change for it was a car accident in which he could die. Winter night Alexander was returning from the birthday of Yulia Nachalova on the back seat of the car. A head-on collision with another vehicle almost cost Panayotova life, because he was not wearing a seat belt. At that moment he was torn up.

      “It was a little death for me. I realized how short life is and how much time I lose because of some pride that the urgent need to act. Therefore, when the question arose whether to submit an application for “the Voice,” I didn’t hesitate, although, believe me, I took four years of thinking, since the start of the show,” continues the actor.

      Interestingly, participation in the “Voice” is not the only dream Panayotov. After the artist became a member of the project, had a new desire to represent Russia at “Eurovision” next year. Alexander is convinced that will brilliantly cope with this task, if the choice is the country will fall on him.

      “There is a complicated situation between the two countries brotherly countries. I, as a Ukrainian, I can say that, if you go with a mission of unification, of reconciliation, with a song that would melt all hearts — at least for those three measly minutes on stage! — it would be magical,” says Alexander in an interview “Life.ru”.