Victoria Bonya gave her husband a scene of jealousy

Виктория Боня устроила мужу сцену ревности The woman told how to respond to flirt other girls with her husband. Victoria Bonia recorded a new video for her fans in which she explained what jealousy is, and there you have them Alex situation when she can’t hold back his emotions.

      Famous TV presenter Victoria Bonya live in Monaco together with the civil husband Alex Servicom and daughter Angelina Letizia. The star continues to please its subscribers with the videos, in which she talks about relationships in their family, what about the little heiress and the secrets of self-care. In a new video, Victoria talks on the theme of jealousy.

      According to the star, it would just feel weak people. However, once she herself is also caught in the manifestation of aggression towards the girl who overly flirt with her husband.

      “We flew with Alex recently. Just when I was in Venice. We go to passport control. There is a girl and checks the passport before passport control. She takes his passport. I’m behind him with a bun on my head, in a stretched t-shirt, jeans. Maybe she thought we’re not together. And he’s so handsome in the vest, shirt, pants. “Do you have permission from parents to go up there alone?”, she asks her husband. Alex educated person, she says: “I am 30 years old”. She laughs. I then come to her. I couldn’t resist. “Listen to me: you stand here, to check documents and not to flirt”. The girl broke off,” – said Bonia.

      Victoria remembered that her husband was pleased that she reacted to the behavior of the employee of the airport. As a recognized leader, it is never jealous, if not of reason. Bonia is not prohibited for the husband to communicate with other women. During walks they sometimes even discuss beautiful girls. “As soon as man limit, you will become less valuable person for him,” Victoria says.

      Family life Bonia is of the opinion that it is not necessary to try to please the spouse. Besides, it is very important not to be afraid to lose a man. “If you don’t like something, then we don’t fit together” – this motto is guided by Victoria.

      According to star, generally for no reason, jealous women who are insecure. “The fact that there are some of the past moments that you rely on. Perhaps, once, the man gave a reason. However, if you jealous just so, it is necessary first of all to look at ourselves. We need to understand what’s wrong with you,” advises Bonia.