Определена дата выхода нового романа Дэна Браун о профессоре Лэнгдоне

While the company Columbia Pictures is preparing for the premiere of another film adaptation of the novel by Dan brown, “Inferno”, where starring Tom Hanks and felicity Jones, the writer is preparing to release another book about the adventures of Professor Langdon.

According to Western media reports, the novel that the writer has titled as “the Beginning” (“GDP”), will go on sale September 26, 2017.

The fifth novel will be a logical continuation of previously published books — “Angels and demons”, “da Vinci Code”, “the Lost symbol” and “Inferno”.

The writer promises that we again have to polamat head over clues codes to test their knowledge in science, religion, art and architecture.

According to the publishers, has sold over 200 million copies of brown’s books. In 2006, was filmed “the da Vinci Code”, starring Tom Hanks. Premiere of the film adaptation of “Angels and demons” was held in 2009, the premiere of “Inferno” is scheduled for October 2016.

Earlier Dan brown appeared in the ranking of the highest paid authors.