Свами Даши о практиках: «У меня под руками умирали люди» The winner of the 17th season of “Battle of psychics” told, as was his life. Mystique had to deal with the death of her mother, which changed his perception of the world. Swami confesses that after a time he realized that people need to learn to let go.

      Over the weekend, the TV channel TNT has released a special edition of “Battle of psychics”, which the creators of the show dedicated to the winner Swami Dashi. Mystic not previously talked with reporters and not told anything about his personal life, but in the last series he made an exception and spoke about the difficult things he had to face.

      What we learned Swami Dasha: the most striking statements of the winner of “Battle of psychics”

      In 20 years, Swami had to deal with the loss of a loved one. “Very much me has frozen his mother’s death,” said Dasha. Then he turned to faith and prayed for the soul of the deceased. One of the tests, the man barely held back tears, remembering the heavy loss.

      In the early 90-ies of the mystic lived in India. According to him, he was able to know the mysteries of the writings of Osho. Swami admitted how the felt within himself the spirit of a teacher during one of the practices. After that, he returned to Russia and began to share with people acquired skills. “For all I’m the man who can save their lives” – so says about himself Swami.

      The mystic believes that the work it has done to people’s minds cannot be free, because he puts in the procedure a lot of effort. Besides, Dasha never responsible for what then happens with a particular visitor training.

      “I have under the hands of dying people when I was working. And maybe it was not the worst of their care”, said Swami.

      While participating in “Battle of psychics” Dasha has faced harassment of fans. The mystic believes that people should not rely solely on him, hoping that he would deliver them from their problems. In the first place, according to Swami Dashi, people have to try themselves to help themselves. The winner of the last season, admits that he was pleased the attention of the fair sex, but he didn’t answer, the smile back. “In love with me thousands of women. I know that, but I’m not interested…I’m a one-woman man”, said Swami.

      At seminars in the framework of the project “Spirit-Soul-Body” Dasha teaches people to understand themselves, to discover the necessary chakra. After the victory in the “Battle of psychics” Swami has regained strength. “Meditation and observation – the only cure these days. The support of friends, females dropped out of “tinsel” and “saints” screamers, seminar discreetly tried to get all the pain of recent months, which has passed through the heart and soul, so many ways. And silence, gradually regained after the break, all is good. Life is getting better, the wolves ran ahead, and all will be well” – to feel that the leader of the seventeenth season of the mystical show of the country.