Julia Vysotskaya decided on a radical change for my husband

Юлия Высоцкая решилась на радикальные перемены ради мужа The actress remembered as Andrei Konchalovsky has had on her life. According to Julia, after meeting her husband she became less use decorative cosmetics, and also stopped bright dress. Many people say that now the husband and wife are very similar to each other.

      In a short time on Russian cinema screens out the film “Paradise” by Andrei Konchalovsky. The main role in the film played by Julia Vysotskaya. Well-known actress had to become a member of the French Resistance to Olga, who falls in a German concentration camp. The film was recently awarded the “Silver lion” at the Venice film festival.

      Many admire how natural and relaxed looks perfect on the red carpet. According to the actress, she doesn’t like bright makeup. Besides, it’s not like her husband, Andrei Konchalovsky.

      “Since childhood I was interested in what I’m wearing, and the period of “war paint” lasted me a very short time – age 14 to 16. After 16 I stopped wearing makeup. I think he likes it .In General, he likes the “unwashed” persons,” – said Vysotsky.

      According to the artist, she never devoted much time to collecting for output on the red carpet. Julia believes that the image should always be some degree of carelessness and negligence. Judging by the outfits Vysotskaya and Konchalovsky at events, they skillfully choose clothes for social events and look moderately relaxed.

      “I think we’re generally similar. How he understands me and how I understand it. We like the same things. In nature we are different, but the inside is very similar,” admitted Julia.

      Vysotsky believes that she and her husband found many points of contact in the moment when their relationship became quite serious. “Love is not intimacy. First, novel chemistry, and then there is love. When you’re a friend when you friend when you are together”, – explained the artist in an interview with “Hello!”.

      Mother Julia Vysotskaya, for the first time about his daughter’s marriage: “the only Trouble was rallied them with Konchalovsky”

      According to Julia, working with your spouse is pleasure. However, Andrei Konchalovsky always encourages members of the crew to maintain discipline. As noted actress, Director all love, treat him with respect and all listen. Friends of the famous pair say that the actress holds with her husband and calls him by name and patronymic when they are at work.