Светлана Устинова выходит замуж за продюсера

Actress Svetlana Ustinova catch your luck by the tail in the face of producer Ilya Stewart.

No, a man is not offered the light of the new interesting project, in which she showed her acting ability. Ilya made a much more serious and decisive step and praise Ustinov married.

Official confirmation of the fact that Ustinov and Stewart got engaged, not yet, but chroniclers say that the proposal of marriage probably took place because on the ring finger of the actress now appeared elegant ring.

Recall, the couple take their beginning in 2013. Ustinov and Stewart brought the premiere of the film of Renata Litvinova “Girl with box”.

However, truly secular couple of Svetlana and Ilya did not work: a couple follows the simple rule that the happiness love peace and besides these two have not only affection, but a real passion for cinema.