Канье Вест оскандалился с новым показом

“Awful bad”, “shameful” and “disgusting,” called the show of new collection of Kanye West, held on Roosevelt island.
The show went wrong from the very beginning, when Vesta called a racist for what he was selected for display only “multiracial” Medela, not whites, not blacks. Because of the huge number of guests on the show, on Roosevelt island formed a huge traffic jam. Even Kim Kardashian with her sisters Kendall and Kylie were an hour late.

The organizers of the show didn’t care enough to have sufficient water and people on the show were dying of heat and thirst. At least three models fainted and doctors had to bring them to life. The entry was so narrow that the launch of visitors stretched for several hours.
When the show finally started, the mood of the public has not improved. The editor of fashion publications Alice Wingen consuming Klein said: “As if were a hundred Kim Kardashian in worn-out clothes”.
The editor of “The Cut” was in solidarity with Alice and said: “In truth, Adidas should be ashamed of this collection”.
“This show? Watch as the models fall one after another? I can’t believe I’m watching this” — wrote the journalist Robert Jivan.
It seems the only happy with this show was the mere fashion designer Kanye West. He was on the podium and smiled broadly. Who knows, maybe it was a good mine at bad game.