«Капитана Марвел» Бри Ларсон осудили за фото с дельфином 12-летней давности

The Oscar-winning actress brie Larson will soon begin filming in the first film adaptation of the comic book.

Larson to become “Captain marvel”, thus play one of the main characters in the Marvel Universe.

While the movie has not started, but bree was already the centre of attention as the press and Internet users.

To action actress some try to find something repulsive and foolish and I think they got it.

Larson was convicted for the photo where she poses next to a Dolphin. While the Dolphin, as well, and the actress looks quite happy.

It is important to note that the picture was taken 12 years ago, in 2004.

Now bree apologizes for the fact that someone thought that it supported the idea of keeping animals in captivity: “For me it was always a priority to protect those who cannot fend for himself. I apologize if the photo left the impression that I normally accept cruelty to animals.”

What do you think, was it worth criticism, and in consequence – an apology, have this picture?