Австралийскую актрису Мелиссу Джордж избил муж

Australian actress Melissa George was in the hospital. The reason for the hospitalization was the heavy hand of her civil husband Jean-David Blanc, with whom she has four years of living in Paris.

The day before yesterday she called the police, saying that her husband beat her. Arrived on a call police sent the victim to the hospital in shock and with bruising on the body. The actress was sick and dizzy – the signs of a concussion. Several hours after hospitalization, the actress has issued a statement in which he informed fans that happiness in the city of love it did not happen.
With entrepreneur Jean-David Blanc is Melissa and I met at the ceremony of the BAFTA awards in 2011, and in the same year she filed for divorce from the previous husband film Director from Chile, Claudio Babedom. In 2012, she began to live with his French lover and even bore him two sons Haala and Solana Samuel Glenn.