Ребека Луз не сожалеет о романе с Дэвидом Бекхэмом

At the age of 26 years, Rebecca Luz almost caused the disintegration of the family Beckham, and now, twelve years later, she has no regrets about what happened. The woman believes that all of these sometimes unpleasant events led her to the love of her life – Sven Cristiano, Skajaa. With her husband and two sons – “little Vikings” — Rebekah lives in Norway, lives of ordinary Housewives.

“Every day I clean the house, clean the bathroom, cook dinner.. I love taking care of my family. Live life like a Nordic goddess,” said Rebecca.
In 2005 she was photographed in a nightclub with “an exemplary family man David Beckham, then 28-year-old football star whose career has just peaked. Then Rebecca denied their relationship with the athlete, at least publicly. Because of the scandal Luz lost his job, but became famous as a model and even posed for Playboy Topless.
“People said I was crazy, but, listen, I didn’t even know who this guy is then. Now, looking back I have no regrets. I’m happy to be where I am, and brings me here all the situations that have happened to me in the past,” said Rebecca.