Светлана Устиненко: «Мы с семьей приняли решение о госпитализации» Now the star of a reality show is being treated at the clinic. Svetlana Ustinenko felt worse and decided to go to the doctors. The whole family worried about her health.

      Светлана Устиненко: «Мы с семьей приняли решение о госпитализации»

      For news about the health of one of the brightest members of the reality show “Dom-2” Svetlana Ustinenko closely watched by numerous fans. After a year and a half ago she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, she began bravely to combat the disease. Despite the fact that Svetlana heavily treated, sometimes she is in a hospital bed. Now the celebrity returned to the chemotherapy and decided to go to the clinic.

      “I’m in the hospital since last Monday – said Svetlana “StarHit”. – A few days was feeling very bad – I was throwing up my family and I decided of hospitalization, next to doctors I would be safer. I am now undergoing a course of chemotherapy. In the hospital I inject injections – has become a bit easier”.

      Today it was reported that Ustinenko supposedly lost his memory. Son-in-law Svetlana Mikhailovna, a former participant of “House-2” Alexander Gobozov has denied these rumors.

      “That’s not true, she remembers. Yes, she feels not very good, but this is normal, given that the person is undergoing chemotherapy,” said “StarHit” Alexander.

      It is worth saying that in addition to chemotherapy Svetlana tried to adhere to proper nutrition. She eliminated meat from your diet, milk and sugar. In order to cope with the disease, she tried to starve. However, in one of the methodologies offer nothing, there is 41 days, but to stay so long without food she can’t.

      “Maybe I should try, but my weight is 50 kilograms, at a rate of at least 56. So I fast only five days before his chemotherapy. They say that this contributes to pogibayu only cancer cells – healthy remain intact,” said Svetlana in a recent interview.

      Recall that in the fall of 2014 Svetlana fainted while on the project “Dom-2”. But then nobody could assume that the reason for this was not the stress of filming and participating in the reality show, and a scary diagnosis. Later Ustinenko was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the third stage. Through force of will and the support of her family she is struggling with a terrible disease.

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