EMIN: «Моя жизнь очень сильно изменилась!»
New clip of popular musician on 7days.ru!

Today was
the premiere of the video for new single EMIN’and “let’s find each other”. Music
the song was written by Maxim Fadeev, and the words —
Olga Seryabkina. The composition is created in the best traditions of melodic ballads:
penetrating lyricism, depth of feeling, a strong chorus.

“I asked Amin: “What do you feel when you hear it?”, — said Olga Seryabkina, he
said, “you Know, I think that now is a time when people are very
fragmented. I wish this song unites us all.” I think
she was very sensual!”

The idea to create such a song to EMIN’at the end of last year
part of its charity project.

visits to orphanages last year I started watching
in a different way. I saw the problem not only with small
children in need of adoption, but also with older children
start Mature life. They may already will not adopt in effect
older, but they still need a friend
or mentor… I wanted to capture this idea in music and
to write a song on this subject: “let’s find each other”, where an adult
the child will be able to find a mentor, and the mentor can share
their care and knowledge with this child, maybe not having
opportunities to adopt him, but having a great desire
help. So I called my friend, Maxim, shared the idea and
less than a day later, he sent me the music,” said EMIN.

It should be noted that the first script for the clip was linked with
orphanages and story about mentors, but then EMIN with
Maxim Fadeev and Alexey Golubev decided to expand the basic idea and
the script included not only children’s stories, but also affected the different people with their
different lives, ages, life situations that are more or less close

The clip “let’s find each other” was a story about people and human
the suffering and emotions, about love and happiness, and the main theme is to find in
life each other is revealed through each frame of this mini-film. He is
of the nine different stories: a young couple struggles with a terrible disease, elderly
people cherish the romance after many years, the deaf seek each other out in the crowd
the little boy expects mom and like the same age boy saves the life of
dove, the mother meets her son from the service, he stands up from his wheelchair
prams — these and many other stories collected in one video.

Emin Agalarov

Photo: personal archive of the singer

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