Стало известно имя новой ведущей шоу «Ревизорро»
Lena Volatile officially left the legendary project.

Стало известно имя новой ведущей шоу «Ревизорро»

Lena Volatile

Photo: “7 Days”

Olga Romanovskaya

Photo: Facebook

The intrigue that a few weeks kept the producers of the infamous show “Revizorro”,
disclosed. On the official website of the TV channel “Friday!”, which will soon be aired
the fourth season of the project, there was a video, he announces in a loud premiere.
It is promised that at the helm of the show is Lena’s Bat snaps spectacular, but what really, hot brunette, but
the girl’s face is not shown. However, 7days.ru became
know her name.

The new host of “Revizorro” will be Olga Romanov:
fans probably remember her as Olga Koryagina is maiden name
future TV stars, which a few years ago, she performed in the group “via
GRAS”. Promo clip for Olga was shot almost three weeks ago, however
consider it official teaser, according to project staff, it was early:
the channel considered other candidates. Including the producers had hoped
the fact that Lena is Flying, despite the enormous fatigue after three seasons
inspections will find the strength for one more season. Alas for those who have time
accustomed to daring blonde making thrashing of the Russian restaurateurs and hoteliers
will not be it. I will Fly a new own show.

“Olga Romanov really consider how
one of the candidates to the place of Elena, — they confirmed. But to say that it is already
solved the issue, now you cannot. The leading “Revizorro” offered, including
including, Nikita Dzhigurda, this is speaking about people public. In addition, in
the casting was attended by over a hundred other people.”

Now, a week later
after this statement, it became known that the casting is completed and the candidacy
Olga Romanovskaya approved.

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