Адель призналась, как добилась популярности
The secret of the famous singer was associated with magic.

Адель призналась, как добилась популярности


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Multimillion-dollar fees,
record sales of albums, sold out in minutes tickets for concerts — all this is the result of the incredible popularity of the Oscar-winning singer Adele.
But, of course, there was a time when she was just aspiring singer who dreams of glory. It was then, as admitted herself Adele, girl
interested in magical ways to attract good luck . And here, believe it or not, when the British
the singer learned of the mysterious power of stones — her fate is cool

“I’m taking your crystals on
all the performances. They truly have incredible power! And when I lose
them out of sight — becoming very nervous…” said Adele in an interview. It turned out
the owner of the unique vocal owns a collection of magical
stones that are regularly uses. On approval of Adele, her
talismans are charged with powerful positive energy that has great impact
on the events in her life.

It is with your
crystals, rather their absence, the singer associates the disastrous performance at this year’s Grammy. “A few days before the show they are gone! I was so scared and, as a result, everything went wrong…” lamented
performer. However, skeptics who do not believe in the power of crystals claim that it was not magic — just happened to have a technical failure. The British star failed sound engineer, who
there were some problems. This led to the fact that I blacked out as
the microphone is Adele, and music. In the end, she made by far
not so brilliantly, as usual. However, fans of the singer quickly forget about failure
his idol and now about it already nobody remembers.

By the way, according to Adele, in addition to successful
career, it may required the magic crystals and their happy
personal life. In October 2012 she gave birth to son Angelo, and now,
the information of insiders, with might and main prepares for wedding with the father of the child — beloved Simon
Konecki. It became known that the pair have been putting off the triumph of
what Adele wanted to postroynet to the wedding, but she did not. Now she is in excellent physical shape and, after
world tour, fans will certainly expect a wedding singer to Simon.

Adele and Simon Konecki

Photo: Splash News/East news

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