Валерия и Иосиф Пригожин надеются на рождение совместно ребенка

Valeria and Iosif Prigozhin on the two have six children, both born in previous marriages. Unfortunately, after 13 years of marriage, the celebrity couple has not made a common child. The reasons why this did not happen, Valeria and Joseph told in the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”.

As it turned out, several years ago singer and producer could give birth to joint children, but in the way of their happiness was a disease that did not allow Valerie to terminate the pregnancy.

“I wanted a son and wanted to call him Egor — said Valery. – But it didn’t. I’m sick. Was running a high fever, had to take strong antibiotics. There was some wrong dosage. And apparently, it has caused the rejection of the fetus. All this happened in our house in Switzerland, on lake Geneva, where we are with Joseph so love to visit”. Remembering this tragic story, the singer Valeria are unable to hold back the tears.

Despite this sad experience, Prigogine with his wife, still dreaming of the man who will combine their best qualities: “I really want a baby — admitted Joseph. And today, there are a lot of ways. But Valeria recognizes only one natural”. Does this mean that the couple will use the services of surrogate mothers? While it is unknown.

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