Svetlana Svetlichnaya have started communicating with my son

Светлана Светличная начала общаться с сыном
76-year-old Svetlana Svetlichnaya says that relations with his son Alexei she deteriorated after her divorce from the father of the son.

Светлана Светличная начала общаться с сыном

The actress then married again, and Alex could not this to heart.

As a result, in the new marriage Svetlichnaya lived only one month, but in the end the man a few years didn’t talk to her.

Now the mother and son again renewed communication, which she is very happy.

“We have with Alex now everything is fine – says the actress in an interview. – We are now in constant communication. Son is interested in my health, asks what products is not enough in the refrigerator or what I was doing for the day. Often talks about his cases at work. I also share with him the news. Here a few weeks ago was on display at the friend of the fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev. Loved his new collection! Last month, we and Alex went to the grave of his younger brother, and my son Oleg. He helped to remove the mud around the fence. It’s spring, try to spend more time on the street!”

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