Жена Александра Носика поделилась своим мнением о разводе
Some time ago a popular actor Alexander Nosik, who is married, was caught on a date with a young singer Anastasia kranovoj.

Жена Александра Носика поделилась своим мнением о разводе

Answering questions of journalists, the actor did not deny the news about his affair.

He also said that with his wife they broke up already a few weeks ago.

The journalists decided to find out the opinion of the wife’s Nose. She hopes that her husband will return to her, and kranovoj she is in friendly relations.

“The media has a very distorted view of our relationship. We are not going to divorce, we’re just temporarily separated, so to speak, to exhale. Moreover, I’m friends with Nastya and I can say that it does not left. Does he even know what he said? He could not say. I swear that it was not his words. We’re a sane, normal people, just continue to work together, just temporarily live separately”, – has declared the spouse of the actor.

I hope that the family of Alexander, everything will be okay.

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