Светлана Лобода рассказала о работе с Меладзе

Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda said in a recent interview about the beginning of his musical career, a springboard for which at the time was the participation of her in the popular group “Viagra” in which she played with Vera Brezhneva and Hope Meyher, replacing the departed to give birth to the firstborn Anna Sedokova.

In a candid interview with Svetlana said that Konstantin Meladze performers were never more than the clay from which he sculpted stars. The only person who performed songs of the composer, to whom he treated with great attention – was only his brother Valery.
It is noteworthy that the prospect of becoming a participant already promoted at the time of the group, Svetlana was not happy. Even then she knew that she can do much more to achieve myself, but it was necessary for such producer, as Constantine. He persuaded her to become the third member of the team. Faith and Hope took her welcome, none of them would, but not until they were. Svetlana recalls that literally lived in a permanent mode of touring. With Granovskoy Belinda had a warm relationship. Hope dreamed of a solo career, and Loboda took her to his vocal coach, but career Hopes after the clock started.
“Kostya took us all, as the clay from which he sculpted what he wanted. We be conduits of his great music. Artists did not need him, for him there was only one – his brother Valery, and the rest were just “projects” — Svetlana told in interview to one of editions.
Loboda left the band after four months because of a dispute with producer Kostyuk, tired to endure his rudeness and work in intolerable conditions. Constantine tal hold or out of it did not, and even, according to Svetlana, did the good – natured let her go without any penalty (the contract she signed five years).
The relationship of Constantine and Faith began to Loboda a surprise, because during her participation in the group was based on their romance. Although Svetlana notes that the Brezhnev composer looked always as something special, as indeed most men.
“To be honest, Kostya for me – an example of a real man, and Faith is the embodiment of a real woman: kind, sympathetic, caring and incredibly beautiful” — said the singer.

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